Racecar driver and model Lindsay Brewer has been called the future of IndyCar by some. She joined the Indy Pro 2000 series in 2022 with Exclusive Autosport.

The 25-year-old finished the season having accumulated 98 points which was good enough for 15th in the overall standings. Back in October, Brewer announced that she was returning to race for Exclusive Autosport for the 2023 season.

Brewer will be competing in the Indy500 feeder series USF Pro 2000. Her first race of the season is scheduled to take place next week in St. Petersburg, Florida.

That means she had plenty of time this past week for a trip to Hawaii with friends. From the looks of it she made the most of the last vacation of the pre-season.

Brewer captioned one content dump, “Had an amazing time celebrating some great friends in Maui.” Then came the looks from the beach in Maui. She threw in a bikini video on TikTok with her best friend for good measure.

There Aren’t Many That Can Pull Off Being A Racecar Driver And A Model At A High Level

All eyes will be on Brewer on and off the track this year. She’s quickly approaching 2 million followers on Instagram, where she features a combination of modeling and racing content.

On the track she’s hoping to build off of what she accomplished last season as she works towards her goal of eventually competing in the Indy500.

Brewer got her start in racing at the age of 11. She raced a go-kart at a friend’s birthday party which fed her need for speed that started when she was very young.

The owner of the track encouraged her dad to get her a cart of her own saying that she has a natural talent for driving. The rest is history.

She’s now a professional driver and model dropping heat on social media on a regular basis.


Source:, Author: Sean Joseph, February 25, 2023