Lindsay Brewer becomes first female race car driver to launch crypto

Lindsay Brewer becomes first female race car driver to launch crypto


Racecar driver and social media sensation Lindsay Brewer has launched her own personal cryptocurrency – $LINDS.

Holders of $LINDS, on the Rally platform, will be given the chance to win an opportunity to spend a day at the race track with the racing star and get a behind-the-scenes look at her process.

Brewer said her fans know her as someone who is always on the cutting edge.

“I constantly want to push the boundaries of what people think is possible while remaining true to myself and my fans.” she said.

“This launch will allow me to express my gratitude for my community and empower other young women in the process.”

With $LINDS fans can buy NFTs

Speaking with Coin Rivet, the star explained $LINDS was a method of connecting with her fans.

“By purchasing the coin, fans can unlock a host of benefits including NFTs, one-on-one Zoom conversations with me, access to my new content series, or access to behind-the-scenes footage of my ‘Fast Cars & Fast Food’ series,” she said.

“I want to build a sense of connection with my fans to show them more of what I do on a day-to-day basis and the $LINDS coin is the next step in boosting our community.

“I view it as a digital fan club, where holding $LINDS signifies membership and allows my fans to interact with me on a more personal level.”

She also echoed the words of Grant Hart, Head of Business Development at Rally, who said that “creator coins on Rally are starkly different from the ICOs that the crypto industry saw several years ago”.

“Oftentimes, these sales marketed cryptocurrencies as attractive investments but ultimately most of the companies behind them failed to generate real-world value,” she quoted.

“Creator coins are not investments, rather they are comparable to purchasing membership to a digital ‘fan club.’

“In exchange, creators provide real-world value in the form of their time, exclusive access to tickets or merchandise, and other unique perks.”

Sports and business go together

Answering how she sees herself in a male-dominated sector Brewer said she feels confident because she has a lot of experience, and is very comfortable operating in spaces traditionally occupied by men.

“Crypto, much like racing, is a space where women can thrive just as much as their male counterparts,” she says.

“By taking this next step, and diving into the crypto space, I want to show women that they belong in any room and any field.

“Beyond racing, my bachelor’s from SDSU was in business management, and I am just as much involved in the sport as I am in the business surrounding it.”

Brewer also added she was very excited to be a part of the crypto ecosystem and that she was looking forward to exploring the creator economy in a new way with Rally.

Racing since the age of 11, and winning regional and National medals along with podiums in Go-Karts, Legends, Formula 4, and the Saleen S1 series, Brewer has amassed a dedicated fanbase.

With more than 1.5 million Instagram followers, she leverages her social media influence to offer an inside look into her racing career and lifestyle.

Nick Millman, Vice President of Partnerships at Rally said he was thrilled to see how a high-profile motorsports athlete like Lindsay was embracing the creator economy.

“We know how passionate motorsports fans are about their favourite drivers, and crypto provides an innovative way for athletes to connect with their fans like never before,” he said.

Source: Yahoo Finance, Author Teuta Franjkovic, October 5, 2021